Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the Bellco Federal Credit Union Web site and reviewing our Internet privacy policy.

Bellco Federal Credit Union does not automatically collect or store information about your visit.

Bellco Federal Credit Union's internet site at does not use "cookies." (A "Cookie" is a file placed on your hard drive by a Web site that allows it to monitor your visit, usually without your knowledge.) You can set your browser to warn when placement of a cookie is requested and decide whether or not to accept it. Bellco @nywhere is our Internet Banking Service. Starting November 17, 2003, a patch was put in place on Bellco @nywhere by CUSA Services, (the service provider of Bellco @nywhere) that now requires members to have cookies enabled on their Web Browser in order to access the Bellco @nywhere site. This is an enhanced security measure.

Information Collected from E-mails and Web Forms

When you send us personally identifying information, for example, in an electronic mail message containing a question or comment or by filling out a form that e-mails us this information, we use this information to fulfill or respond to your requests. We may store these requests to provide us with information for future improvements to our Web site. We may forward your e-mail to other credit unions who are better able to respond to your request. Bellco Federal Credit Union may also use this information to help us to our work. We do not create individual profiles with the information your provide. Bellco Federal Credit Union does not give, sell or transfer personal information to third parties, unless required by law.


There are several links located on various pages throughout the Bellco Federal Credit Union website. Once you click on a link it is your responsibility to research the company and be cautious about disclosing any personal information.